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Japanese with Andy 

Meet Andy Chum, a highly skilled and experienced teacher of Japanese, English, and Cantonese. As a permanent resident of Japan, Andy has a deep understanding of the language and culture, having successfully passed the JLPT N1 exam. With a background in passenger services management at a local Okinawa ground handling company, Andy is well-equipped to teach basic Japanese, business Japanese, and JLPT. He has a proven track record of helping students achieve their language goals and is passionate about helping others reach their full potential. Andy's own journey of learning Japanese as an adult and building a life in Japan is a testament to the power of language learning. Whether you're a beginner or looking to improve your skills, Andy is here to help you achieve your Japanese language goals.

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Online Private Japanese Classes 私人日文補習

This private online Japanese course covers N5 to N1 of the JLPT exam and provides a comprehensive understanding of the language. With personalized one-on-one instruction, students will learn basic grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and cultural understanding. The course is designed for those preparing to work or study in Japan and offers a tailored, immersive learning experience. Contact  Andy directly via email to set up private lessons. Reach your goals and become proficient in Japanese.


Private Japanese lessons (Online)

25 minutes/ 14 US dollars 

50 minutes/ 28 US dollars 

4 lessons package: 4 lessons/50 minutes/ 99 US dollars  

lessons package: 8 lessons/50 minutes/ 199 US dollars  

Lesson notes will be provided by Andy directly.

Goals: achieve N5 or N4 in half a year/ achieve a level to date a Japanese girl or boy/ make friends...etc 

If you want to learn the Japanese language everyday, below is the daily course for you. 

Private Japanese lessons for 30 days ( 20 minutes per day) 

Duration: 30 days/ online 

Lesson fees in total: 250 US dollars 

Lesson notes will be provided by Andy directly

Goals: achieve N5 or N4 / achieve a level to date a Japanese girl or boy/ be able to make Japanese friends in a month.

Simple Lesson rules(簡單的課程規則): 



Payment must be settled before the lesson. Lesson fees can be sent  by FPS, Bank transfer or Paypal. 

To change the lesson time or date, please contact me 48 hours before the lesson.  Make up lessons will not be provided for students who are no show or sudden request to change the lesson time within 24 hours of the lesson starts. 

I have bank accounts of Japan and Hong Kong, and you could transfer HK dollars and yen to me, if you have the bank accounts in those countries.  Paypal is accepted for other international clients or students by payment in US dollars.

日文私人補習學生五星評語 2.jpg
日文私人補習學生的五星評語! 無論係青少年或者大人,每日20分鐘,三個月就可以掌握基本日語,可以用日語在不同的情景溝通,在日本旅行或識日本朋友也沒有大問題。
5 Star reviews from 15 year old student! By learning Japanese 20 minutes per day, you can get the quickest result in your learning journey! 

現時在英國居住的香港學生。他將會考GCSE日文。這是日本語補習學生的家長評語。My student who is living in the UK will take the GCSE Japanese. it is the review from my student's parent. 


Alexa Young, CA

香港成人學生的五星評語 (5 stars google review from my adult student in Hong Kong 


I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon. 

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