Japanese with Andy 

我叫Andy。現時定居沖繩,係日本永久性居民。在福岡學習日語,並於2018年搬到沖縄。JLPT N1日本語能力試合格 。曾經擔任某石垣島國際機場地勤公司機埸經理。現時全職教英文, 日文同廣東話。學生主要來自日本, 英國, 加拿大和香港。我可以教您的孩子/成人學生日常生活中使用的基本日語/商業日語和JLPT。

Hi, it is Andy, I am a Japanese language teacher, based in Okinawa. I am teaching private Japanese classes online. My students are mainly living in Japan, Hong Kong, the UK and Canada. I was also a former station manager for one ground handling agent in Okinawa. I can teach you or your children basic Japanese/business Japanese/JLPT.

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Online Private Japanese Classes 私人日文補習


Japan is a fabulous place for study, travel, work and immigration. Learning Japanese can help you move one step closer to your goal of the mentioned above. You might consider taking my course as a first step of your Japanese learning journey.

30分鐘/ 100港元
60分鐘 /200港元

目標: : 3個月內達到N5/N4水平/同日本人簡單傾計程度/追日本女仔程度

Private Japanese Lesson by zoom

30 minutes/100 HK dollars
60 minutes/200 HK dollars
For beginner level, lessons notes or learning material are provided by me. For advanced level, students may need to buy some textbooks. 

(每日20分鐘)30天日語學習持續課程 (王牌過程)

這是一門幫助你打好日語基礎,培養一生自動學習日語習慣的課程。每日抽20分鐘, 連續30日, 一氣呵成建立日語基礎。如果你有興趣,請與我聯繫。歡迎成人學生!!

時間: 每天20分鐘,online 
課程費用: 共2000港元 


目標: 1個月內達到N5水平/達到同日本人傾計程度/追日本女仔程度


Japanese Intensive lessons (highly-recommended) 

It is a 30 days intensive course to help you develop your foundation of Japanese

language in the quickest way.  Welcome to adult or teenager students. 

Time: 20 minutes everyday, online
Duration: 30 days
Total lesson fees: 2000 HK dollars 

Goal: to achieve N5 level of JLPT/to be able to chat with a Japanese national/get a date from a girl!

Simple Lesson rules(簡單的課程規則): 



Payment must be settled before the lesson. Lesson fees can be sent  by FPS, Bank transfer or Paypal. 

To change the lesson time or date, please contact me 48 hours before the lesson.  Make up lessons will not be provided for students who are no show or sudden request to change the lesson time within 24 hours of the lesson starts. 


I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.